Peter's Build

Peter's Build
Name: Peter Gonsalves 
 Hi, my name is Peter Gonsalves born and raised in Markham, Ontario in Canada. I am an Automotive Service Technician and part time photographer/content creator for Badgeskins. From a young age, I had a high interest in cars and modifying them but did not really notice my love for them until I turned 16 and got my driver's license. Once I got my first car, I started to learn how cars work and how to work on them by doing high-school co-op at a dealership. That was the turning point for me where I knew I wanted to work on cars full-time and modify them on the side for fun. Cars to me is not just a passion, but a lifestyle. 
Why I choose a Golf R: 
My first vehicle was a VW Jetta and I did not want to modify it because I did not see value in putting money into it so I kept it as simple as possible for a daily driver while having a future car goal in my mind the whole time. There were multiple choices I had to choose from when it came to picking a car I wanted. At the beginning I genuinely wanted a WRX/STI. It had the looks and power with a lot of aftermarket tuning support. That all changed once we got a trade in of a 2012 VW MK6 Golf R at the dealership I work at. Once I drove it and felt the power and comfort of it, I was sold. Ever since that moment, I knew I wanted the Golf R to be my next car. Unfortunately, I was not able to get it as my next car from the Jetta because the transmission failed on it so what I had to do what get another car in the meantime. After doing extensive research and liking how the MK7.5 Golf R looked inside out, I knew that I wanted the generation of Golf R. I found out that the 2019 would be the last year of this generation so I made the decision in February of 2019 to buy the vehicle.  
Modifications Done: 
  • Wrap and Vinyl overlays by Badgeskins 
  • MST Full Intake 
  • CTS Turbo Catted Downpipe 
  • 3 Inch Custom Midpipe 
  • Remus Valved Axle Back 
  • 034 Motorsport Springs 
  • 034 Motorsport Rear Swaybar and Endlinks 
  • 034 Dogbone Insert 
  • Superspeed PF05RR Forged Wheels 18 x 8.5 +42 with 245/40R18 Bridgestone Potenza RE71R 
  • Turbo Parts Canada TPC 20 Hybrid Turbo 
  • Tuned by Stratified Auto